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Decision Management coupled with Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is disrupting the existing business rules approach by delivering a comprehensive depiction of the organization’s operational decisions that are verifiable by business users, executable, and are particularly suited for the modern API economy.

Today, DMN is replacing proprietary business rules systems in Healthcare, FinTech, Insurance, Agriculture, Government and many other industry sectors.

As the #1 provider of DMN-based Decision Management software tools, Trisotech has been helping organizations like yours to get started with Decision Management modeling, testing and execution.

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When should you consider Trisotech DMN Quick Start Success Program?

  • If you know Business Rules Management but want to understand Decision Management;
  • if you are intrigued by Decision Management and visual modeling; or
  • if you want to be part of the new Decision Management revolution.

Then Trisotech DMN Quick Start Success Program is for you!

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The DMN Quick Start Program was exactly what we needed; it gave us a quick, cost-effective on-ramp onto decision modeling. Having a DMN expert on-hand made all the difference: the expert helped us hit the ground running by providing training and guidance we could immediately apply to our problems. We were also able to quickly show our stakeholders that DMN is what our organization needs.

After the two days of mentoring, we turned one example we worked on into an operational decision service soon thereafter, solving a sticky, time-critical problem much faster than with any other technology we could have used.

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What is included in the program

Your organization will benefit from two days of mentoring from a Trisotech DMN Ninja at your location. This will take the risk out of the first DMN-based example that your team will build under the supervision of your assigned DMN Ninja.

The program begins with a half day of requirements gathering with your assigned DMN Ninja, who will lead your team as they boil down the issues and collect the elements required to build your first working decision model.

Your expert DMN Ninja will coach your team as they build the example from the ground up, using our world-class Decision Modeler and recognized best practices. Your team will benefit by avoiding many pitfalls and beginner errors.

Once completed, your model will be published to an execution test environment. Your assigned DMN Ninja will then guide your team using proven methods to verify the execution logs that were generated and ensure you meet your intended outcome.

Your team will have the remaining half day to present your DMN modeling and execution example to your organization’s stakeholders, assisted by your Trisotech DMN Ninja.

Upon the completion of your first successful example, you will be able to continue to develop your skills and experience the value of the Trisotech software by benefiting from a complimentary product subscription for five (5) named users for a period of twenty-eight (28) days.

Are you ready to be a DMN Ninja? Join the Revolution!

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Still not Sure?

By turning to Decision Management and DMN, your organization will benefit from:

  • Increased control: appropriately granular business logic modules that are meaningful and salient to the business, re-use and standardization across the enterprise, and visibility into operational assets;
  • Increased agility: better maintainability and realistic impact analysis;
  • Increased access to skilled staff: standardization increases availability of skilled resources that can pick up work from any modeler in the organization (or those who left);
  • Increased synergy with complementary technologies: an understanding of the requirements of decisions drives the use of analytics models and AI;
  • Reduced vendor lock-in: DMN interchange ensures the same behavior in different tools; and
  • Dramatically reduced cost and improved time-to-market: cost savings and speed are the inevitable consequences of the above.

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